Let us introduce ourselves


Jason Flinter

It all started with comics! I created my own superheroes and the universes they belonged in and not a lot has changed! My conjoined passionate twin with art is music. I am very lucky to be in a position where another part of my life is writing and producing with local artists and bands. I have been keen to immerse myself in local business and music scenes, having built networking groups in both fields to get people to collaborate and pass business. I do like talking. To a class room of 10 year olds about African drumming, to ‘A’ level students about referral marketing. To a group of young entrepreneurs about the dos and don’ts of running your own business, to a business networking seminar about Branding. 


Within our compact and bijou team here at The Flint, I’m the ‘concept’ guy. You’ll see a lot of me, we’ll get to be good friends. I’ll be meeting you first to get to see how passionate you are about your business and then I’ll conceive the universe in which we build your brand on, superhero names, logos, costumes and all!


Mandy Flinter

When Jason has done his big idea and concept stuff, someone really needs to start the proper work! Thankfully that’s me. The business card, the exhibition stand, the brochure, the spelling, the grammar, the project scheduling, you’re in very safe, organised and understanding hands. Yes, I like the words in your brochure to be well ‘kerned’ and I prefer plurals not to have apostrophes!


For relaxation I love to drum! Being part of the Bristol African drumming scene is my passion, whether it be playing a djembe, bougarabou or conga, it gives me another creative outlet.