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IT services

We have re-branded several IT companies in Bristol and with over 400 of them to choose from, the challenge for their customers, is to work out what 'really' makes each one different.

Therefore the challenge for us is to actually find a point of difference that's honest, matches the values of the company and its current employees and quickly enables the customer to make a relevant, informed choice.

In the case of the Nebula team, our ValunifyTM discovery workshops and individual assessments clearly demonstrated a shared passion to stay at the forefront of technology.


Nebula's point of difference became very clear and 'Your Technology Trailblazers' quickly became the strapline to encapsulate the promise to their customers.

The company name was already helping towards the 'galaxy' theme, but we suggested that we go further! The individual service icons were re-designed to 'lean into' the underlying themes and the first social media marketing campaign launched the new direction.