Guest, keynote, expert speaker

Not only do we want to encourage Bristol's entrepreneurs to watch our 'Brand Building' videos to help them on the business journey, but we also offer to give talks on the many subjects within brand building. From informal board discussions offering some tips to conferences and seminars addressing all levels of an organisation. All Jason needs is coffee and caramel slices! Get in touch to see how we can help.

Subjects Jason has given talks on:

1.   Have you avoided these "5 Design Disasters"?

2.   Don't tell them WHAT you sell, tell them WHY!

3.   The 10 essential elements to build your brand.

4.   I'm pretty sure I've seen that somewhere else!

5.   Building trust through consistency.

6.   Reputation - The balance of kept and broken promises.

7.   What can we learn from the history of branding?

8.   Which elements of research should you do before you start a business?

9.   How do you define and completely own your market position?

10. Don't compete on what your competitors do best.