Don't just grow a business, build a brand while you're at it!

New business - Saturated market - Product diversification - Strong competition - Lack of customer loyalty - Trademark disputes - Franchise opportunities - Selling a business - Lack of focus

Just a few of the reasons that companies have engaged us to create strong branding strategies to give them longevity, increased value and a business for their employees and customers to be proud of.

A common reaction when we start talking about ‘branding’ to a start-up or SME, is the company finds it hard to make the leap or see the connection between themselves and what they would deem a 'proper' international brand. This is a common problem and it is where SMEs could miss an opportunity with brand building, thinking it’s only for the ‘big boys’. What we would suggest is to lose the jargon and complicated marketing mystique and simply ask you to substitute the word ‘brand’ with the word ‘reputation’.


It would usually follow that if you have a good reputation you are likely to get repeat business because you have done what you said you would do and your customer has had a good experience. You promised to do something...and you kept your promise!


That is what a brand is built on, your promise to your customers.


We need to understand WHY you started your business in the first place, which ideally, will be born from a passion for your product or service. Our job is to harness and graphically package that passion and get it in front of your target audiences. Most importantly we do that in such a way that positions and differentiates you within your market so that you will no longer have any competition, as your customers will have no choice other than to buy INTO you. 


Your job is to consistently protect your reputation by simply keeping your promise.


We are the best people for the job because we have been building BIG brands for SMALL businesses in and around Bristol successfully since 1996. Building a clear, strong and consistent brand enables you to give stronger, more emotional and psychological reasons to create loyal customers. Once the audience ‘values’ your message, service and product you seldom have to worry about ‘cost’. If you or your audience don’t believe in what you’re doing and why you are doing it, you’ll both lose out. The more in sync you are with your audience and they are with you, the less work you will have to do to grow your company. They will grow it for you.

Valued loyal customers become your marketing team and start recruiting their other valued relationships.